Necklace Grace Hopper

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Grace Hopper Half-Nanosecond necklace

This necklace was created in a labyrinth pattern to honor Rear Admiral Grace Hopper and her nanosecond wires.

As one of the first computer programmers, Hopper used binary code to program the Mark I computer. But she had a vision for a better way: She created the first computer language that used words to tell computers what to do.

Hopper also dedicated her life to educating people about how computers work. She always carried “nanosecond wires” with her to use in her lectures. These 11.8” (30cm) wires represented the maximum distance a signal can travel in 1 billionth of a second. These earrings are wearable versions of her nanosecond wires: The white line on each earring is 5.9” long – together a set of earrings have white lines that add up to 11.8" or one light nanosecond.

  • 24k gold-plated