Lita & Jean by Lita Tomas and Jean Marie McNamara

$24.95 USD

Lita & Jean by Lita Tomas and Jean Marie McNamara

Hardcover (282 pages) 

A shattering tell–all: the fight of this mother and daughter for themselves, each other, and the world around them is a painful yet riveting account of family, service, and love.

Lita and her daughter bare their souls with unflinching candor in this memoir. Forcing their darkest moments and the secrets of family, military, and disability into the light, their resilience and resolve stands as stark inspiration.

From painful high school haircut memories to rescuing their fellows from a flipped HMMWV, from sex work to podcasts, there’s romance, reality, and action in these pages. Authors Lita and Jean will pull you through the swarms of ticks at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin and the excruciating medical bureaucracy of Veteran’s Affairs to land you breathless by their side today. 

This is a story that needs to be read, a story that will help not only future generations to understand what it meant to be a soldier and a woman at this time, but also current generations to see how to build the support and outreach needed to thrive.