50 Fearless Women by Jenifer Bazzit

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50 Fearless Women Who Made American History: An American History Book for Kids by Jenifer Bazzit



172 Pages

Young reader ((8-10 year old)


Women have always been at the forefront of American history―and it's time to hear their astounding stories! This look into American history for kids is bursting with engaging biographies that explore the lives of these influential women from different backgrounds and a wide array of fields.

From Revolutionary War soldier Deborah Sampson and abolitionist Harriet Tubman to Hawaiian Queen Lili'uokalani and Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, this engaging guide to American history for kids takes you on a fun and fascinating journey, one fearless woman at a time. Each of these chronologically ordered biographies offers an exciting look into the life and accomplishments of these heroic figures and how they made history.

Explore this captivating side of American history for kids with:

  • Incredible stories, incredible women―With multipage biographies that focus on the accomplishments of heroic women, this is what a book about American history for kids should be.
  • Historical timeline―Better understand how each of these women fits into history thanks to timelines that show what else was happening during their lifetimes.
  • Dive deeper―Entries also feature an insightful sidebar that further explains a specific part of the biography, launching you into more learning about American history for kids.

Discover the amazing women who helped shape America with this exploration through American history for kids.