The Resilient Warrior by Nick Benas and Richard Bryan

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The Resilient Warrior: Battle-Tested Life Hacks for Military Men & Women by Nick Benas and Richard Bryan


The Resilient Warrior
 is the essential self-help guide to living a healthy, resilient, fulfilled and better life -- the warrior way.

Battles are fought everywhere, not just out in the world, but within us. No one better understands this dichotomy than servicemen and women and veterans who must try to integrate back to their normal lives. Coping skills are a real issue for both active duty and retired military. While support groups and other healthcare organizations exist, for various reasons many are still forced to find their own way back. And the lessons they bring home are universal.

The Resilient Warrior 
collects the very best of strategies, life hacks, practical tips and self-care ideas developed to help keep you safe and supported both at home and on deployment, including how to:
• Work at your best while outside your comfort zone
• Create a morning routine for the best possible start to your day
• Manage anger with positive redirection
• Develop proper sleep habits
• Practice good hygiene as part of your everyday life
• Find fulfilling ways to stay physically active

Featuring self-help, mental health, and mind and body tactics from a variety of sources--veterans, former and active U.S. Marines, Navy, Army Rangers, Green Berets, family members and caretakers--
The Resilient Warrior is collaborative collection providing needed wisdom for complete well-being for all of us. The first step to thriving is surviving—and the first step to surviving is knowing how to get what you need, when you need it.

Softcover, 208 pages