Danger Close by Amber Smith

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Danger Close by Amber Smith

Softcover (296 pages)

Amber Smith flew into enemy fire in some of the most dangerous combat

zones in the world. One of only a few women to fly the Kiowa Warrior

helicopter—whose mission, armed reconnaissance, required its pilots to

stay low and fly fast, perilously close to the fight—Smith deployed to

Iraq and Afghanistan and rose to Pilot-in-Command and Air Mission

Commander in the premier Kiowa unit in the Army. She learned how to

perform and survive under extreme pressure, both in action against an

implacable enemy and within the elite “boy’s club” of Army aviation.

In Danger Close, Smith

“covers each mission with edge-of-your-seat detail and a coolness that

demonstrates how she gained the respect of fellow pilots and soldiers on

the ground” (Library Journal). Smith’s unrelenting fight for

both mastery and respect delivers universal life-lessons that will be

useful to any civilian, from “earning your spurs” as a newbie to

“embracing the suck” through setbacks that challenge your

self-confidence to learning to trust your gut as a veteran of your